Raw report - 11/06/2007

Big excitement struck in the jam-packed UFW arena when all three brands competed in the 2007 UFW Draft Lottery. This is how it worked out: Inter promotional matches are made, the winner will earn his/her brand the next pick.

 Match 1 - John Cena (Raw) defeated Edge (Smackdown) - Raw’s 1st pick is : .... King Booker (Smackdown > Raw)

 Match 2 - Batista (Smackdown) defeated Tommy Dreamer (ECW) - Smackdown’s first draft pick is Ric Flair! (Raw > Smackdown)

 Match 3 - Bobby Lashley (ECW) defeated Umaga - ECW’s first draft pick is non-other than the man hungry for ECW title Randy Orton! (Raw > ECw)

 Match 4 - Sabu & Sandman (ECW) defeated Paul London & Brian Kendrick (Smackdown) - ECW’s 2nd draft pick is Jeff Hardy! (Raw > ECW) Cannot be World Tag team Champ with Matt Hardy anymore!!

 Match 5 - Carlito (Raw) defeated Finlay (Smackdown) - Raw’s 2nd draft pick is Snitsky (ECW > Raw)

Match 6 - CM Punk (ECW) defeated Kane (Smackdown) - ECW’s 3rd dratf pick is Chris Benoit (Smackdown > ECW)

 Match 7 - (2 picks!!) Mark Henry (Smackdown)defeated 14 other superstars - Smackdown’s 2nd & 3rd draft pick’s were Chris Masters and Triple H (both Raw > Smackdown)