Steele Sport is a blog aiming to cover football in all corners — every league at every level, the aim is simple: produce insightful and engaging content for the reader to develop their knowledge on a matter of sport.

At Steele Sport, you can find regular tactical analysis pieces, which strive to dig deeper than the surface and note that what you may see with the naked eye watching at the game, or on the TV, is not necessarily the full picture. In fact, Talking Tactics sole aim is to point out things you may not have noticed, or discuss the behind-the-scenes work that has gone in to make the results on the pitch possible.

With opinion pieces, the message again, is clear: engaging. We will not write pieces along the lines of “Opinion: Mourinho needs to DROP this player!”, nor will we write opinion articles for the sake of that opinion being controversial: “Here is why X player is better than X player”.

As for match coverage, be it a review in terms of the talking points or a simple, old-school match report, the aim is: if you haven’t watched the match, come here and find out all you need to know. At the end of each match report, or preview, I will offer my verdict, because, after all, this is a blog, not a news site.

Here at Steele Sport we strive to cover as much as possible, with the limited time that is available: all big five leagues, the EFL, women’s football, youth football.

About the author 

Lewis is a freelance sports journalist for a number of publications, he is a writer for many football sites including CityWatch, BreakingTheLines, FutbolGradLive and many more. He writes news articles, features, opinion pieces, match coverage, interviews etc.

He has a degree in L.L.B Law, graduating in 2018.

For freelance enquiries, a desire to write for Steele Sport, or just a general chat about anything, feel free to contact Lewis.