Talking Tactics

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False nines, inverted wingers, route one, parking the bus, overloading the middle: the tactical side of football involves some cliché’d phrases that would be out of context in any other situation. However, tactics are fascinating, and a pivotal part of the modern game.

In 1992, English football was at a low, with the game becoming based on strength over skill and speed, focusing on physique and aggression instead of finesse. This was the era of ‘getting it in the mixer’ to the big, lanky forward that awaited crosses with anger in his eyes.

One day, tactics changed. The creation of the Premier League came with new rule changes and a different format for English football, changing it for the better.

From the traditional English tactics, to modern ways of playing originating often from overseas, Talking Tactics has you covered.

This is the home of tactical analysis: whether it be a review of a game, a preview of an upcoming battle, outline a tactical structure in general, tracing the routes of modern day tactics, or more, this is the home of what it says in the title: Talking Tactics.

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